The Art of the Beach Shoot

Playboy Centerfold Model: Amanda Georges

Malibu, California
Sandy Porter

About Amanda Georges

Every so often, I book a shoot with a model and I am blasted with a tsunami of beauty and raw talent. Such was the case of Ms. Georges who commuted all the way from San Diego to shoot with me in Malibu.
She was so professional and uniquely talented. One of the things that inspired me was that she is, from my perspective, ethnically ambiguous. She could be Portuguese or Spanish or French or even Russian. I never asked, so who knows? This is only really relevant within the conversation about how beauty is so unique from various parts of the world: a topic that interests me.

From a technical perspective, I used a Profoto Acute 2 flash with one head and a OctoDome softbox. In this section of Malibu, the sun sets 75-degrees in respect to the coastline. The model is mostly back lit on the right side of the frame. My goal was to balance the flash in such a way as to minimize the harsh reflective characteristic of high speed flash on my subject. I used a Pentax 645Z with a 120 mm f4 lens.

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