What is “Hollywood Lighting” you ask? In Classic Vintage Hollywood, the leading ladies were often shot in the studio with very harsh light and abundant shadows. Or still photos were shot during filming for promotional purposes. I personally love cinematic lighting for fashion, beauty and film. My own rendition is a complex array of many light sources: LED, flash and, of course, ambient light. Each light brings it’s own characteristic of harsh or soft shadows, color temperature and intensity. Many would describe this unique type of lighting as chiaroscuro found in classical paintings originating out of the Renaissance period. Vermeer would often place his subject bathed in window light and creating lots of contrast in the unilluminated areas.

Miss Daisy: The Ultimate Muse

Enter Daisy: Daisy is one of my very favorite models. She is such a natural poser and emotes so naturally. I shot her in 2019 at some hotel in Bangkok. I brought my own lighting equipment (and wardrobe) and I had chiaroscuro on my mind with this shoot.
Thank you, Daisy!

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